What Gets Rewarded Gets Done

Travellers at Airport
White Papers 06 Feb 2017

Our people have a vested interest in the success of your travel program. We reward the right behaviours to ensure your objectives are exceeded.

There's no doubt FCM is unique in its approach to its' people in the market; FCM is one of the only UAE based travel management companies to incentivise its employees through its commission structure. The decision to reward our employees is not only to support our number one group philosphy, "Our People", but also to ensure our customers are receiving the best service from FCM. 

We empower our people to manage your program and we believe in our philosophy of "What gets rewarded, gets done".  To support this, we incentivise our people to ensure we are delivering you the best possible travel program. We believe if the right outcomes are rewarded, they will be delivered. 

A portion of your travel management fees are shared with your dedicated travel consultant in the form of an incentive – in the range of 12-20%. This incentive is based on performance of three major KPIs – accuracy, efficiency and customer service.

  • Accuracy is important for the traveller experience, but also keeps our costs in check.

  • Efficiency drives performance to our service level agreements and ensures our response times are fast. Having efficient and productive people also ensures we are able to keep our cost of delivery low.

  • Customer Service – a great service experience is one of the reasons you will continue to book with FCM.

By empowering our people, we believe we are delivering an amazing travel experience to our customers as your travel consultant has a vested interest in ensuring the success of your travel program. 

For more information on partnering with FCM please contact sales.dxb@ae.fcm.travel