10 Reasons to love Qantas

Qantas 10% off
Travel News 27 Dec 2016

For the month of January we are offering 10% off Qantas fares to Australia, New Zealand and London! To celebrate, we're giving you ten more reasons to love Qantas! 

  1. 1. Consistency

  2. Qantas has always been ahead of the pack at delivering a seamless customer experience from smooth airport check in to world-class catering and in flight entertainment. 
  4. 2. Qantas Premium Economy 

  5. Undoubtedly one of the best Premium Economy experiences in the air, Qantas' premium economy has unofficially been described as "business class but cheaper". You'll enjoy many of the same perks as when flying business class such as welcome drink upon boarding, separate boarding areas and, perhaps the best perk, access to the business class lavatories. 

  7. 3. Economy catering

  8. Don't you hate it when you finish your meal on an aircraft only to become a prisoner in your own seat? Qantas solves this problem by serving its International Economy meals in a dish - giving you space to move! Even better than trayless dining, Qantas has a self-serve snack area on all International Economy flights - perfect for a midnight snack. 

  10. 4. Earn Skywards or OneWorld miles

  11. Whether you're an Emirates Skywards member or part of the OneWorld loyalty group, you can earn miles when flying Qantas. This is great if you're a oneworld frequent flyer looking for a direct flight from Dubai to London but don't want to lose miles. 

  13. 5. Fly from Terminal 3 in Dubai 

  14. The Qantas/Emirates partnership gives you more than just miles - when flying out of Dubai you'll be in Emirates Terminal 3 - the only airline other than Emirates to fly from the terminal.

  16. 6. New Qantas tail

  17. If you're an #AVGeek then you'll love the latest QF livery - released on October 27, this is only the fifth time that the airline has introduced a new livery since the flying kangaroo debuted in 1944. The updated livery is meant to represent a new era for the airline described as "an era of new destinations, new technology and a new standard of service". 

  19. 7. Safety record

  20. Qantas has one of the world's best safety records. It has been consistently ranked one of the world's safest airlines, and has been ranked 7/7 on airlineratings.com for both safety and product. 

  22. 8. Lounge access 

  23. The Qantas International Business Class lounge in Sydney is one of the most prestigious, state of the art lounges in the world. Not a Qantas member? No worries. Your Emirates Skywards and oneworld miles will get you in if you're flying in Business or First. If you're flying Business or First on a Qantas flight from Dubai, you can access the Emirates International Business class lounge in Terminal 3 if you're an Emerald or Sapphie oneworld member. 

  25. 9. Connection times in Australia 

  26. If you're flying onto Brisbane, Adelaide or any other Australian city, the connection times with Qantas are excellent, meaning less time waiting for your connection out of Sydney and Melbourne and more time to rest at the other end of your trip. 

  28. 10. They'll send you an ice cream if you're homesick in New York 

  29. New York resident and Aussie expat, Adam Moussa sent a tweet to the airline as he wasn't happy to be missing out on the newly launched Australian ice cream "Gaynetto". The airline stood up to the challenge and transported the ice cream to Adam in New York, arriving safe and sound, and most importantly, frozen. 
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