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beiersdorf middle east
Case Studies 27 Aug 2017

Beiersdorf Middle East Stats


Beiersdorf Middle East is one of more than 150 international affiliates of cosmetics company Beiersdorf AG which is based in Hamburg, Germany. Beiersdorf’s international success is founded on their research and development expertise, innovative products, and strong brands. Nivea, one of the world’s largest skin care brands, is Beiersdorf’s most important brand with over 100 years of success.

FCM Travel Solutions was appointed in 2015 as Beiersdorf’s travel management company (TMC). The customer requires some domestic but predominately international travel services, with the main routes being to Hamburg. More frequent international travel is also a requirement for a handful of Beiersdorf executives. Car hire is also needed with a majority of international bookings, as well as occasionally for domestic.


FCM was focused on improving Beiersdorf’s booking and approval process, with the objective of realising savings. We were also tasked with addressing issues with car hire and hotel bookings.

Our approach included:

  • Implementing an Online Booking Tool (OBT) to follow the booking/approval process as per Beiersdorf’s travel policy
  • Conducting negotiation with airlines for better corporate rates and car hire companies for membership deals
  • Working with hotels to encourage stronger hotel booking through the OBT


FCM Travel Solutions’ implementation of the OBT has been extremely well received, with comments on FCM excellent service, speed, and proactivity. Further results include:

  • Strong OBT adoption rate of 63% and adherence to Beiersdorf’s travel policy.
  • Signed corporate deal with top three airlines, contributing to 75% of travel spend.
  • Savings through the reduction in average air ticket cost by 4-5% - this has contributed o an overall saving of 5% on total travel spend.
  • Signed a membership match-up for Hertz and Budget to get an exclusive pick-up service and improved transparency in billing.
  • Preferred hotel rates loaded in the OBT so employees can access negotiated rates, alongside the ability to access consolidated spend for greater negotiating power.

“FCM has been able to deliver all the services that were promised during our RFP process. They have provided great assistance with regards to our online booking tool, making it easy for all employees to use”

Kibreab Wolde-Mikael
Head of Procurement, MENA